What We Do

Using reclaimed materials Halocline Studio has created a variety of interior and exterior spaces, artworks, furniture, and lighting that demonstrate the value of what we so easily discard; aiming to shift our consumptive attitudes, using art and creativity, towards a more equitable and regenerative way of life. 


Together with this community spirit, Randy and Julian are strong believers in conservation, community building, and global environmental awareness. Much of our recent work explores the tension between consumption, corporations, justice, conservation, and more sustainable living. We believe that there are progressive solutions happening right here in our community that can utilize salvaged materials and creative thinking.

Randy Gaul 

Randy created Halocline Studio in 2017. As a veteran artist and art director in the film industry,  furniture maker,  carpenter, contractor, and a true maker through and through, he has brought his 35 years of experience to the Studio.  He heads up design and lends his expertise to building/installation. From Randy's earliest memories he imagined the renewed possibilities of things discarded. He is excited to keep bringing this foundational thinking to the work at the Studio.

Julian Ruzzier Gaul

Julian focuses on the Studio's woodworking endeavors and managing the shop/Studio spaces. His interest lies in using reclaimed material (but mostly wood) to create pieces and environments that celebrate the natural beauty of our planet and all those inhabiting it. He feels a deeper connection with our built environment is key to transitioning to a more just and sustainable world.

Now a member of

Why "Halocline"? Halocline refers to an oceanic process when saltwater and freshwater intermix. It 's beautifully organic interaction and deeply inspirational.

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