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Randy Gaul

Randy Gaul created Halocline Studio in September 2017. As a veteran artist and art director in the film industry, he has brought his 30 years of experience to this new venture. Using salvaged materials he has created a variety of artworks, furniture and lighting that demonstrate the value of what we so easily discard; in a radical re-appraisal of our attitude to consumption and waste the art itself becomes its own eloquent proponent.


Randy has worked for high-profile directors such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, M. Night Shyamalan and Martin Scorsese.  His gallery of images includes not only his recent work, but that produced while working on film production for Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic. Having recently completed work on “Trolls”, his 73rd film for Dreamworks Animation, he continues providing visual development and concept work for television, games, theme parks and more recently VR.  


In addition to the above, Randy has been providing digital art for stories that have originated in the local community and, as these evolve, he will not only share his personal works but will integrate the studio into being a vital part of this community where other artists can share their work from the visual and literary worlds. Fairfax, San Anselmo and San Rafael will provide the local creative base that will help Halocline grow.  


Together with this community spirit, Randy is a strong believer in conservation and global environmental awareness. Much of his recent work explores the tension between consumption, corporations and conservation. He believes that there are progressive solutions happening right here in our community that can utilize salvaged materials and creative thinking. Exploring these solutions he works with the Away Station and many other locations to acquire some of the raw materials that he upcycles into his art. His process uses only water based and recyclable materials and more recently epoxy in multiple layers to create rich and complex depth to landscapes and suggestive subject matter.


Randy’s art and beliefs coalesce in the animated feature, Zeke the Odd, the Next Great Maker which he continues to develop with its emphasis on the value of what we so easily discard. There will be much more coming about this project in the Fall of 2018. The story and characters were created to bring global audiences together to celebrate the power of imagination and how it can change us all!

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